Carla Fernández

Design. Culture. Mexico.

About Carla Fernández

Selected Works by Carla Fernández

Mexico City

Carla and her team work to incorporate the experience, design, and work of highly skilled seamstresses, knitters, and men who create leather fretwork, a traditional cowboy craft.

Mexico State

Mexico State is home of rebozo making for dresses, tops, and tunics. It is also the home of woodworking artisans whose work becomes bracelets, accessories, and purse handles.

Yucatan & Campeche

This culturally rich area is the home of numerous artisans whose work includes the making of Chamula wool, delicate embroidery from San Juan Cancuc, and dimensional embroidery traditions from Chenalhó.


Traditional intricate machine embroidery from Yucatan becomes a part of dresses, tunics, and tops, while hand-knotting from Campeche (using recycled textiles) is worked into dresses.