Current Exhibition

Female Craft Japan

April 21, 2017 – May 14, 2017

Exhibition statement from Shinichiro Nakahara:

I have been pursuing the work of Japanese and American Craftswomen for several years. Fascinated by the viewpoints presented by their creative activities, I find beautiful the particularly deep involvement I see given to the work. The tradition of Craftsmen in Japan is extensive and has produced fine work, but it has also been based on a certain stoicism. In recent years this has gradually changed along with an increasing number of Japanese Craftswomen who create with great freedom of thought. Seeing not only the work of these Craftswomen, but also their processes, has given me a glimpse into their lives. I had anticipated feeling connected to their perspectives and their pursuit of beauty. I discovered not only did I appreciate the completed object but also the landscape surrounding its creation.

We are presenting a total of 10 Japanese female artists — Akiko Oue, Fumi Sako, Hiroyo Masuko, Masae Mitoma, Momoca Usagi, Nutel, Reimi, Rino Akihiro, Tomoko Wada, and Yumiko Iihoshi — who are artists, product designers, ceramicists, metalsmiths, paper artists, illustrators, rug makers, and glass sculptors.

The opening reception is Friday, April 21, from 5–8 pm.




Past Exhibitions

Playmountain East

February 24, 2017 – March 19, 2017

In late February 2017, the Boiler Room will host Japan’s legendary design store and curator, Playmountain, for a year-long series of programs featuring Japanese and Japanese-influenced artists and makers. This includes work in a variety of media, including iron, wood, ceramics, and fashion; a spotlight program on regional craft; and a special series on the work of Japanese women artists and artisans.

On a Japanese map of the Pacific Ocean, California is located to the east of the Japanese Islands. East is West, and West is East.

Since its inception Landscape Products has been inspired by California: its architecture and design, arts and crafts, music, and films. In other words, we have always been excited by the cultural breeze that blows from there.

This is why we have named our new retail venture in San Francisco Playmountain East. Even though we are across the Pacific from each other, we are close neighbors of heart and mind. Please keep watching kindly over us as we begin our journey "East.”

Boiler Room: Selected Works

January 2016 – December 2016

Boiler Room: Selected Works presents an eclectic group of artists working in the intersection of art, craft, and design. Featuring pieces by Brendan Monroe, Butch Anthony, Rinne Allen, Stan Bitters, Tung Chiang and Julian Watts, the show brings together some of our favorite artists and collaborators from the Boiler Room. Large-scale, abstract sculptures by Stan sit alongside one-of-a-kind lamps by Tung, Brendan’s ceramic sculptures, and Julian’s exquisite woodwork. Admire Stan’s remarkable ceramic murals side by side with hypnotic paintings by Brendan, Butch’s genre-bending collages, and Rinne Allen’s lyrical photography. Discover something wonderful in the Boiler Room and take it home.

Knife / Fork / Spoon: Modernist Flatware from the Collection of Dung Ngo

June 25 – August 21, 2016

No one tells the story of modernist flatware design better than designer, author, editor, and publisher Dung Ngo whose twin passions of 20th century design and design books form the foundation for Knife / Fork / Spoon, the latest exhibit to come to the Boiler Room at Heath SF. Drawn from his extensive flatware collection, Knife / Fork / Spoon combines flatware design from the 1920s to the present, including designs by Eliel Saarinen, Gio Ponti, and Achille Castiglioni presented atop Dung’s other passion: vintage design and photography books. Beautiful on their own, Dung’s pairing of flatware and books tells the story of 20th century design in a thoroughly unexpected, original way.

Dung also curated a selection of rare design books from San Francisco book-selling legend William Stout, which are for sale in the Boiler Room during the course of the show.

Knife / Fork / Spoon was on view June 25 – August 21, 2016, and opened on June 25th, 2016 with an opening reception and talk between Dung and Heath Clay Studio Director Tung Chiang. Knife / Fork / Spoon will be at the Heath Los Angeles Showroom from August 26 – September 26, 2016, with an opening reception and talk with Dung Nugo on September 8 (learn more here).

Selected Works: Julian Watts

We’re pleased to share a new collection of stunning woodwork by emerging artist Julian Watts as part of our Boiler Room: Selected Works show. Based in San Francisco, Julian uses traditional wood carving and furniture making techniques to explore the space between sculptural form and functional object. Using everyday items like wooden utensils as a point of departure, Julian follows the aesthetic, functional, and cultural threads of each object to their most extreme, surreal end points.

We love how Julian lets the medium of wood take shape for itself, while still artfully expressing his own point of view. It’s work that thrives at the intersection of art, craft, and design–fresh work from a new artist worth collecting. It’s time to get to know Julian Watts.